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Monday 12 April 4:03AM
First Show Of The Season!!

Oakwood Park Show Ground is having a make over! The first 2012 show, will be held at the South of Egnland Show ground, Ardingly, West Sussex on March the 18th.  We have classes for all and are really looking forward to seeing you there. Schedule will be available soon, so watch this space. We also have a new page on Facebook, which we are still getting to grips with!

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Case Studies

Case Studies and Success Stories

This Page is where we will be showing all of our Latest case studies and success stories.  If we have helped you, or you have attended one of our lectures, shows or completed a livery package, please feel free to let us know how you are getting on.

Or use this page to add feedback on how we have helped and what we can do in the future to help you or others.

Sarah, Becky and Frosty
My daughter Becky had a good start to the summer, riding at as many shows as we could get her to! Unfortunately Frosty started stopping and really lowered her confidence. A friend had mentioned Oakwood Park and so I used the website to contact Ali. We all attended (including Frosty!) some training sessions with Ali and Rachel at the yard, which included riding lessons, Frosty being worked and schooled as well as a few chats and cups of tea around the kitchen table. Ali and Rachel then attended our next show and Frosty managed to jump with 4 faults in his first class and with a few encouraging words from Ali, went clear in his second.  We have been out since then and have continued with the work set by Ali and Rachel at home, Frosty has continued to improve and him and Becky are now doing Hunter Trials! :-) x Thank you so much x

The joys of Plaiting!

Hi Remember me?!! Plaiting is something that I never thought I would be able to do, well not well anyway. I attended a plaiting lecture and got some really useful advice and tips.  The horses there all had different manes so I got a lot of practice in one day. I just wnated to say thank you, especially for your paitience. I will send a picture of my latest triumph ASAP.  Thank you once again Katie.

Water Trays & Finess
My horse Finess is a jumping machine, but after putting her foot in a tray at a show, she started stopping at water trays.  I was really disappointed as Working Hunters are my main passion and the open classes tend to have a couple of trays in them.  Ali and Rachel took me and Finess on board and after 2 weeks of training and re-schooling Finess as well as working on my "Mental Block" we were back to jumping clears.  Now all I have to work on is making her look like she enjoys the trot up, conformation section!  Charlotte
"To Load or not to Load"

My horse is an optional loader! Will go on when he wants to, which is neraly never, and will drag me around when he doesn't. I was struggling to leave a show at Oakwood and Ali kindly made a few suggestions, eventually Ali and Rachel took over completely and loaded Bently for me. I realised that maybe I needed help and spent a few hours with Ali and Rachel at the yard learning about laoding and transporting. I then took Bently along for a day, where slightly annoyingly he walked on and off the trailer all day. I still email and call when I need help, but Bently is much better and I am a lot more confident and am happy to take him out in the trailer without having to drag the hubby along.  Thank you Ali & Racheal speak soon .....Kelly.

Your Stories and Feedback

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