Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question to ask us simply submit it using the form below and we will answer them in our list of FAQ's.

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Q. Hi, I have recently bought a new horse and would like to enter him into the Working Hunter Class, I am not sure as to what is involved,does he have to be ridden in a snaffle or by the judge, do we have to do a small display.
A. In a working hunter you can compete in the tack that you would normally ride in...including a martingale if you like. When you jump its fine to wear boots on your horse. Tips...Keep your tack natural in colour no white or coloured numnars etc At our shows the judge does not ride the horse. Each competitor comes into the ring and jumps a set of natural fences. Then you ride a short show which should include walk trot and canter on a figure of eight. There is so much more. If we can be of further help please do just contact us...Hope to see you at Oakwood Park soon. We are there to help and advise you on the day.

Q. Can you enter on the day, for all of your shows. Because i cannot download or find your schedules anywhere.
A. We always accept entries on the day so dont worry. The schedules and entry form should download as word documents. There is a psoblem with the entry form, many find it only opens as two Oakwood Park Logos. To overcome this when you download the file and open it in word it is being viewd in "Normal view" mode. To get round it and view it properly select the "print layout view" tab at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. There should be three or four buttons there. This will automatically show you the file as it should be. We put schedules in about 50 saddlers and feed outlets but if your local does not currently have them then please do give us their details and we will see to it that they receive regular supplies.

Q. Do I have to be a member of P(UK) to enter the March 16th Affiliated show
A. No P(UK) have advised that you do not need to be a member to enter the show. You will need to become a member if you are placed and wish to go forward.

Q. Where can I get a copy of your walk and trot tests please. I have a youngster that turns 4 and wonder if it would be possible to bring her along and go into the dressage first at 9 o clock before it gets too busy?
A. The Walk and Trot test is available as a download as part of the schedule for the show, see "Events" page for this. Yes you may book for an early slot. Simply state your requirements on your entry form. This has to be first come first served so the sooner you get the entry form to us the better chance you have to get the time you require.

Q. Do you have a tack shop attending the shows ?
A. Yes we do. TC Tack n Things attend the majority of our shows unless there is a clash with other shows they have already booked. They stock a very large selection of equipment and are well known for their high standard of service.

Q. Will you be adding a results section to your website at some point?
A. Yes our plan is to upgrade our website in the near future. Unfortunately this does take some time so it is doubtful that the results page will be up and running until 2008.

Q. Is it too late to get PUK Downland Smuggler qualifiers to run along side the BSPS plaited? There is nowhere in the South East running this class this winter!!
A. No problem we have now added this qualifier to class 37. P(UK) are happy with the changes. Do let your friends know that these changes have been made. Others may be interested. This change will not show in the standard schedule but is now in the downloadable file on this web site. Thanks for the request.

Q. Do you have any photos of the hunter trials or the couse ?
A. Photographs are available from our photographers or call Peter Martin-Turner on 07880835596. Do contact them as they took some fantastic shots.

Q. I would like to take part in your Performance Working Hunter Trials show but not sure if you walk the course on the day or if I can enter on the day ?
A. Yes. You are able to walk the course on the day and enter on the day. However, you will have a late entry fee of 3 to pay if you do so. The course is designed to be great fun and the competitors in 2007 had a great time.

Q. Can I hold a Hunter Trials at Oakwood Park
A. Hi. Yes that is possible. Please contact us via our email addresses or phone to discuss ideas etc.,, 07850522768, 07715444420

Q. We had a great show on Sunday please can you give me your photographers name. Thank you so much. p.s WE LOVE OAKWOOD PARK SHOWS
A. Thank you so much. Our photographer is Peter Martin-Turner email Mobile 07880835596. He and his helpers take some great photos so do log on and have a look.

Q. How much would it cost to hire the showground?
A. We do not have a set charge. The actual fee would depend on how much ground you require, whether you will hold an event on one of our show dates, the amount of input you require from us in terms of jump hire, assistance with planning etc. If you call us on 07715 444420 or 07850522768 or E mail us on or we will be able to discuss your requirements. We have a number of free weekends during the season so we should be able to fit you in with no problem.

Q. I really enjoy your shows. Trouble is my horse has been a bit lame for sometime, would I be allowed to bring him to Oakwood?
A. So glad you enjoy the shows. Sorry to hear about your horses lameness. You would not be able to bring a lame horse to a show. The judge has the right to ask you to leave if the horse is showing lameness. Our advice would be to call the vet and they will advise you on treatment. The best of luck and we really hope he will be on the mend soon.

Q. I am looking for a showground to host a new show that I want to set up. Can I hire part of Oakwood Park, perhaps on a day that you have one of your shows?
A. Yes that is possible, in fact it would work very well as we would be able to let a section of the ground at a reasonable rate and the extra people on site would add to the atmosphere. Please do call or email us if you want to take this idea any further. We will also be able to advise and help you set up if you so wish.

Q. Can you let me know what the 3 First Aid charge covers
A. At every show we have a paramedic in attendance. These people are fully qualified to attend to all accidents whether serious or not. When they have an ambulance available they will bring that with them, but occasionally they may only be attending with their medical kit and a car. They have recently been asked to ensure that they are clearly visible if they do not have the ambulance. If transport to hospital was necessary they would arrange it. They attend the show from first thing until after the last competitor has finished.

Q. What type of questions are we able to ask on this site? Is it only about schedules etc?
A. We welcome questions relating to our shows and any Equine related topic. The best ones will be listed for all to benefit.

Q. When will the schedules be ready for 2008 shows
A. We are currently working on the seasons schedules. The spring showing shows and September Championship show details have already been added and the rest will follow ASAP.

Q. When is your next event?
A. All our shows are shown on the events page. You can download all the dates and forms you need.