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Monday 12 April 5:08AM
First Show Of The Season!!

Oakwood Park Show Ground is having a make over! The first 2012 show, will be held at the South of Egnland Show ground, Ardingly, West Sussex on March the 18th.  We have classes for all and are really looking forward to seeing you there. Schedule will be available soon, so watch this space. We also have a new page on Facebook, which we are still getting to grips with!

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Lectures And Livery

Welcome to the Lectures & Livery Section

Ali Remmen and Rachel Roberts are pleased to announce that they are now running a new series of equine lectures and for those in need, are providing a full package livery service.

We are asked multiple questions at our shows and by email or phone on a regular basis, we always try to help as much as possible but sometimes, just don't have the time!  To solve this issue and to provide people with an opportunity to develop skills, learn new techniques and to answer those questions we have created a series of lectures and are providing tailored livery packages.

We hope that this will enable us to continue supporting people and give both human and horse the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques as well as competition and everyday riding and handling.

The Lectures

The titles below provide an idea of what the lectures will involve and will be slightly more tailored to cover specific areas of the topic as necessary. 

Understanding the Disciplines, Training the Young Horse or Pony, Training Programmes, Riders Position, Riding on the Road, Working From the Ground, Training a Pony for a Child, Teaching your Child to Ride, Solutions & Understanding the Problems that Scare us, Conformation, Stable Management & Daily Routines, Field Management, Feeding, Bedding, Grooming, Show Preparation, Clipping & Trimming, Hoof Care, Yard Layout and Safety Issues, Running a Successful Yard, Basic Ailments, Condition & Health Care, Tack, Clothing and Equipment, Cutting the Cost, Record Keeping, Re-Cap sessions. 

You can book individual or group sessions for the lectures and cover up to three "pick & mix" topics per session, or you can attend our allocated dates for selected topics, but remember to book early as there are limited spaces.

Each topic will last for 45 minutes and you will be provided the opportunity for individual and group discussion as well as taking part in practical "hands on" elements when appropriate.

Sessions will be charged per topic with a discount for multiple topics as shown below. 

Please note: (10% discount for pre-booked groups of 3 people or more)

 Individual & Multiple topic prices per person:             
          1 topic - £30                                     
          2 topics - £50                                  
          3 topics - £80

The Livery

We strongly believe that a winning team is a safe, happy, healthy, educated one!

We have an honest and open approach and are happy to discuss any issues or problems that may arise.   

We spend our time with our young horses developing skills and desensitising them from an early age, producing level headed bombproof horses and ponies for competition or for the family home.  We build up riders' confidence and positively encourage those who are able and wanting to progress with their riding, competition and education. 

We believe that every horse has a purpose and our ultimate goal is to develop winning combinations for whatever it is that you decide to do.

The livery packages are designed to help in multiple ways from solving problems to developing new skills or simply bring horse/pony and rider together.

There are 3 main packages, which again can be slightly tailored.  There is a breakdown of each package below, providing contents (what it is that you get) and pricing.

Bronze  £120 Per Week

Basic Schooling livery for your pony/horse.  After an initial assessment they will be worked on a daily including ridden and groundwork sessions.  You will be provided the opportunity to discuss progress and issues, providing feedback on a regular basis.

Silver £140 Per Week

Schooling livery for both pony/horse and rider, including work and training plans to take away with you.  After an initial assessmnet you will work together on a daily basis, the rider/handler will have a lesson each day with an option of Flat Work, Jumping & GridWork, and all elements of Groundwork.
Gold £160 Per Week

Schooling Livery for pony/horse and rider, including work and training plans to take away with you and help at one show of your choice. After an initial assessment you will work together on a daily basis, the rider/handler will have a lesson each day with an option of flat work, jumping & gridwork, and all elements of groundwork.  You will also take part in lectures and practical sessions set up to help with show preparation and day to day care.


Next Steps

If you are interested in any of the above please feel free to contact us using any of the following methods to discuss your options. 

If sending an email please provide as much information as possible including:

Lecture or Livery Interest 
Number of People Attending
Topic/s or Livery Package that you would be interested in
Horse Information if Nesesscary
Your Contact Information
Ali Remmen Email:   Telephone: 07850522768

Rachel Roberts Email: Telephone: 07919141855